English:Harlequin Ladybird
German:Asiatischer Marienkäfer
Location:Austria, Wien, Kalksburg
Copyright:Per Hoffmann Olsen
Camera:Canon EOS M50
Lens:Sigma 150mm 1:2.8 APO Macro

This Ladybird was introduced as a bio-weapon againts aphids in Europe due to it enormous appetite compared other Ladybird species. Unfortunately it's spreading fast throughout Europe were it outcompetes the European Ladybirds. The researchers fear that the H. axyridis soon will be the only common Ladybird.

Now, more than 12 years later after i took the photo, researchers are more likely to classify the beetle as a pest, because it is increasingly damaging fruit and viticulture in Austria.

Harmonia axyridis

This image is from the same place 8 days later.

Identification Link:

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