In the 80's in Denmark i started taking macros with my fathers Petri SLR camera. The quality was miserable and the learning curve was very steep.

Fortunately my good friend Jan Pedersen was able to find interesting species that i could photograph. The focus on my education as a Computer Expert in Copenhagen, put my hobby in the shadows.

In September 2000 i moved to Austria and here i found my interest for macro photography again.

In 2001 i got my first Canon EOS SLR, but not yet a Digital one. Before i went Digital with the Canon DSLR 20D, I made over 1500 film macro Photos. Those I scanned with Filmscanners from Minolta (poor) and Nikon (excellent). The learning curve was still hard to manage.

But going Digital changed that radically, instant on-site image review, learning taking better macros was much easier.

Making this website over the last 16 years has been a challenge, i have learned much about taxonomy and the way insects live. There is always something new you can learn and experience. And out there in the nature, new unseen insects, spiders, or what-ever lurks - waiting to be discovered. The process of identification is often very challenging too, but also very rewarding when you discover and learn about a new species you haven't seen before.

 (c) Clemens Purtscher

Me taking photos of the Argosoma scabricorne. -  © Clemens Purtscher.


I hope you enjoy my Photos!


December 2016

Update August 2021:

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