English:Bee Beetle
German:Gemeiner Bienenkäfer / Bienenwolf
Location:Austria, Niederösterreich, Grub in Wienerwald
Copyright:Per Hoffmann Olsen
Camera:Canon EOS 30D
Lens:Sigma 150mm 1:2.8 APO Macro

As the German name Beewolf indicates this beetle is hunting bees. But the connection goes deeper - the larva parasites on bees. The adult Beetle lay their eggs in the nests of Solitary bees, but also in the hives of honey bees.

Identification help.

T. apiarius and T. favarius are very similar. In this Picture you can see the difference.


On the T. favarius (right) the red lines never touches in the middle of the shields as they do on the T. apiarius (left).

More help here: http://www.coleo-net.de/coleo/texte/trichodes.htm